A 3-Step Plan for Your Busy Week

A 3-Step Plan for Your Busy Week

Orientation season is upon us and that means things can get a little hectic (to say the least).

Here are three actionable tips that can help get you through the hustle and bustle a little more smoothly.

Plan & Prepare:

There will always be things that don’t go as planned and last-minute tasks that pop up – which is never fun when our time is short and our plate is full. Here’s what to do: Take a peek at what the upcoming week has in store and find easy tasks you can knock out ahead of time. Take one day for planning and preparation. This could be anything from prepping/planning out your meals for the week, packing your bags, running errands, paying bills, or sending emails. By taking care of the general tasks that can usually wait, you give yourself more time to handle a busy week along with any unexpected issues that may arise.

Pace yourself & Get Plenty of Sleep!

Believe it or not, pulling an all-nighter to get stuff done is usually doing more harm than good. Sure, you might be super productive for 24 hours but it leaves you riding the struggle bus and less productive the remainder of the week. Here’s what to do: When facing a busy week it’s best to prioritize tasks to what you can realistically manage in one day and stick to a “cut off” time. You’ll work and sleep better knowing you accomplished the most important parts of that day and will be able to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the next.

Take time for YOU:

Stress can take a toll on your body. When you finally make it out of an exceptionally busy week, the last thing you want to be is run down or even sick. Here’s what to do: Make time for YOURSELF! Find an activity that you know relieves stress and recharges your metal battery. Laughing, exercise, engaging in the arts, meditation, time with friends…whatever it is that brings you joy.  Don’t put your mental or physical health on the back burner even when it seems there could be more important things you “should” be doing. Remember that your well-being is the ultimate key to success.

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