A Homebodies Paradise

This could be you this summer and that is A….O…..K

While your closest friends are off traipsing around Europe on their parents dime…YOU ARE HERE. There is nothing wrong with not having summer plans, but let us give you some pseudo productive things to pass the time.
Things to do with your time off if you’re a homebody:
  • binge watch basically anything off of Netflix
  • reminisce about your childhood by watching EVERY classic Disney movie
  • learn how to knit
  • try out a new look you’re to afraid to leave the house in
  • make jam
  • write an angsty song worthy of your high school self
  • write a letter to your ex and save it for a rainy day
  • doodle
  • write a sci-fi novel a la Nick Miller (New Girl character)
  • start a blog
  • start a podcast
  • paint a still-life worthy of Vincent Van Gogh
  • make plans for the future
  • troll the internet for things to do

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