A Magic Reality

Some say that you have to see.  in order to truly believe in smething. However, there are people in this world who constantly defy this notion. These select individuals have disciplined themselves and their craft in order to create a belief off of experience, emotion, and imagination. The term they use for this type of act, show, or performance is Magic, a term that has for years has been ridiculed for it cannot be proved by science and therefore has been labeled as fake.

While some will continue to label this art as fake we stand behind the show and the performers of magic who blow our mind more and more everyday. We especially stand behind our magicians who have amazed crowds world wide. From Jen Kramer, Kid Ace, Nash Fung, and Norman NG. All of these artists are not only respected in this craft, but truly celebrated by all who have seen their shows. Check out all of these artists, their profiles, and their accomplishments via the link below and see how you too can celebrate in the wonders of magic.

Before we go we want to leave you with a quote from one of the greatest magicians to ever live, “Magic is the sole science not accepted by scientists, because they cannot understand it.” Harry Houdini said this and lived to show that reality is deeper than the science we learn in schools. We hope that you take this blog to heart and strive to broaden your sense of reality and celebrate in the power of magic alongside of us!

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