A Moment of Thanks

When conference season falls upon us all we often get wrapped up into the craze of the environment. From traveling coast to coast, promoting our artists, and meeting everyone we forget to take some time and be thankful for all that we have enjoyed. Each conference brings new faces, new opportunities, and of course new memories that we get share with all of you and for that we are very grateful. It’s with that recognition we wanted to take some and say thanks you.

Thank you to all of you that attend the conference to watch all of these amazing artists perform and pour their hearts onto the stage for you all. We recognize that this is a gift, but we are well aware that at a conference the three days you spend are busy, tiring, and hard to keep motivated to continuously attend the session, but for persevering we thank you!

Thank you to all of our artists who go to these conferences, perform at these conferences, and pour their hearts and soul into their work! Being an artists or a performer may be a dream to some, but we know that it is hard and often the work you put in is unrecognized. However, we recognize it and want to say thank you for brightening the experience for us and all of those in attendance.

Thank you to our fellow conference family! All of the companies we get to see, interact with, and share time with in the market places we want you all to know that you help brighten our conference experience and the time we share is truly appreciated and remembered.

As a final Thank You we want all of the conference staff to know that you all are amazing and truly rockstars. From the event staff, building staff, and host organization staff we appreciate all the work you do to put on these amazing weekends! We know that your work is often one without thanks or praise but we do recognize it and appreciate it!

When in the midst of the craze we forget to take time and say thanks, so this was a moment for us to breathe and say thank you! Time for another conference today and we hope to see you all there!


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