Always Remember, Never Forget

It was on this day 18 years ago that tragedy and terror struck our homeland louder and more disastrous than ever before. On September 11th, 2001 the United State of America came under attack by terrorists who hi-jacked four airplanes. Two airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers that stood high in the Manhattan Skyline causing them to fall in a blaze, another plane struck the Pentagon in Washington D.C, and the final plane crash landed in a Pennsylvania field thanks to the work of the heroic men and women on that plane.

America lost 3,000 men, women, and children on this day 18 years ago. Today is a day of remembrance, but not of fear. It is a day of solitude, but not silence. Today is also a memory of courage, but certainly not weakness. For you see The United States of America was shaken on this day, but it was not broken. We will never forget what happened on this day, we will never stand silent in the eye of terrorism that threatens lives the way they did, and we will always grow stronger in the wake of this great tragedy.

It is at this time, on this date, where we must remember our values and work to grow them more everyday. It is at this time, on this date, where we once again must unite not just in memory, but in totality. It is at this time, on this date, where we as Americans must again pursue strength over fear, courage over weakness, and solitude over silence. We must do all of this for the men and women who paid the sacrifice on this day and the days following.

It was on this day that tragedy struck home for all of us, but it was also this day where the heroic nature of all Americans shone brighter than ever before. At the conclusion we ask you to take your own moment of silence and then with you best effort live up to the ideals we wrote here today.

Always remember, Never Forget, 9/11/01.

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