Behind the Scenes - Life of a Booking Agent

Behind the Scenes – Life of a Booking Agent

Booking agents do have one of the best careers out there.  Have you ever wondered or thought about being a booking agent?  Do you want a behind-the-scenes glance at what the job entails and why it is so rewarding?  Read on for an inside perspective and all the variety that comes with the job.

The entertainment industry is not an 8 to 5 job. Just look at the shows/concerts in your City. Do they end before 5 pm? Maybe 5 am! Nightlife comes alive after the normal workday for most. This is part of the joy and excitement!!  Most booking agents do not work the traditional banker hours. Working in the entertainment field means extended hours, being on call 24/7 (those 2 am calls!), working through challenging situations, the urgency to stay organized, and the adaptability to be around multiple personalities (amicable and clashing).

All things considered, working as an agent is a rewarding profession. You will have the time of your life and get the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing performers, artists, and the most caring, genuine, and hardworking people you will ever know. You also get to attend fun shows, informative networking events, and conferences. You learn all about booking shows including writing contracts, routing artists from one event to another, and you are part of spreading happiness and excitement to colleges, fairs, corporations, and more. The entertainment industry is one large extended family!

Protip – As an agent, the best and favorite answer to hear is yes, we'll book your act, and the second favorite answer is no, we'll have to pass for now. Being kept in limbo with no definitive answers puts pressure on an agent to keep calling and emailing to get that closure needed to complete their job and move forward.  I am not sure if people are scared to say no but trust me – as an agent we are just fine with hearing that word! We appreciate hearing back. We can close out the loop and not spend additional time following up. 

As a longtime agent, I enjoy the flexibility of the job. No two days are alike so I was prepared for all the pivoting that came when the entertainment industry was hit by COVID-19. I'm ready for all the fun coming my way in the coming days. 

Please reach out if you are interested in learning more about this industry.

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