Boost Student Engagement with Campus Coffee House Events!

Warm drinks, inviting baked goods, and cozy atmosphere…it’s hard to resist the call of the coffee house event. It’s a surefire way to entice students to come out of hiding and socialize.  

But what about finding the right entertainment to create an event that is more memorable than “meh.”?  If you want to make the most of your entertainment budget and increase event attendance, keep these ideas in mind.  

A successful campus coffee house event starts with choosing the right artist!

Musicians like Dan Henig /, Middle Theory Music, Samantha Leon, and Zander Michigan are well versed in coffee house performance and have the perfect mix of personality, audience interaction, and incredible talent. They’ll have everyone singing along, laughing and excited for the next event!  

Want to do something different? Host a Spoken Word Poet and include an open mic portion for students to get in on the act!

Giving an opportunity to be creative and also enjoy inspiring performances is a very successful combination. Jinahie  is know for her interactive “potluck poem” performances which creates a unique and memorable experience like no other.  Other spoken word artists such as Panama Soweto , Angelo “eye-am-bic” Geter , and Rudy Francisco are known to the public and poetry lovers alike and sure to draw a crowd.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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