Celebrate Religious Freedom

This week, actually yesterday, our nation celebrated a very important day, however just as it always does it seemed to go unnoticed. Yesterday was the National Religious Freedom Day, now ask yourselves how many of you actually knew that? The honest answer is not many of you knew that and that’s because we as a society have never done enough to recognize it.

Nonetheless, just as we have done in the past we want to take this opportunity to recognize this day for its true importance. You see this day marks a moment in US History where a landmark statute in Virginia became the basis for our Constitutional right to practice and believe in any and all religions. This day gave us the vital right of Freedom of Religion. Without it we couldn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sister in different faiths.

With over 4,000 different religions and billions of followers Religion is embedded in this world deeper than any of us can understand. It is important to take time to recognize and celebrate all of our brothers and sisters in different faiths. Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, or any other faith we want you all to know that we here at Metropolis Management celebrate and appreciate you all, take some time do the same!

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