College Adults and Online Dating

College Adults and Online Dating

Dating during college can be fun and something to look forward to, but there are some things to keep in mind especially if online dating is involved. When it comes to college, dating isn’t always as easy as it seems. Dating can include a lot of things, from the obvious like meeting new people, to the more subtle ones like finding your perfect match. However, there is something crucial to consider which is online dating. Nowadays there are different apps that encourage easy interaction with just a quick swipe. But, there are reasons to stay alert because as fun and encouraging as the app may seem, not everyone on the apps has the best intentions. 

Keeping in mind that not everyone on the app is there to find love is something to consider if that is not your cup of tea. Here are some helpful things to consider when online dating:

Avoid dates who do not use pictures in their profiles, or refuse to send pictures or details of themselves over the app and will only do so outside of the app. This will be a big indicator if the person is genuine and is who they say they are. Also, avoid anyone who refuses to talk over the phone or video chat. Make sure to not feel pressured to meet anyone and especially in an area where you might be or feel isolated. Make sure to tell someone where you are going and for how long so that you have someone that knows to check on you. 

Other than the unpredictable nature of online dating, it can be a fun experience. With a busy schedule of a college student, online dating could be convenient. Online dating could just be the right answer when juggling school projects, activities, campus life, athletics, and anything else that will preoccupy the day. Another plus to online dating is the sense of control to be able to craft the perfect profile for the first impression. Yes, looks are not everything, but you have the ability to craft the best parts of yourself without the pressure of blind dates in person. 

However you decide to date in college, make sure to be cautious and safe so that you have the best experience meeting new people.

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