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Dr. Joshua Fredenburg  Saturday, October 02 |  2:15 PM to 3:00 PM |  Room Winston Ballroom 1C

Metropolis Management & Entertainment Group 

ED SESSION : R.E.D. LEADERSHIP! 3 Ways to Increase The Retention, Engagement, and Development of More Culturally Diverse Leaders!

According to a study of 473 managers of color conducted by the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business, the turnover rates among black executives was 40% higher than whites. Some common issues that were identified by various researchers were climate of inclusion, mentoring and sponsorship, culturally competent leadership, and objective performance feedback. Based on the cultural diversity of Millennials and Generation Z, in order to increase the retention, engagement, and development of more culturally diverse leaders, organizational leaders are going to have to make some vast improvements in their organizational culture, leadership style, communication, and management skill sets. In this eye-opening program, Dr. Joshua Fredenburg not only talks about the importance of increased retention, engagement, and development of more culturally diverse leaders, but more importantly, he provides some viable and applicable leadership solutions that can be used to increase the retention, engagement, and development of more culturally diverse leaders within various organizations and campus communities.

David Coleman Saturday, October 2 | Workshop 1: 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM | Featured Workshops (STUDENTS) | Winston Ballroom 1B & 1C

Workshop 2 : 9:55 AM – 10:40 AM | Featured Workshops (STUDENTS) |Winston Ballroom 1B & 1C

Metropolis Management & Entertainment Group


Academically. Socially. In Your Leadership and In Your Life!

The variants present in our life cause us to be resilient, to believe in ourselves, hone our abilities, and choose a positive and productive attitude every single day. The challenges we have faced the past few years, individually and as a nation, have led us to a precipice:  Choose Courage or Fear? David will share with the audience how choosing courage over fear can become an automatic response when adversity presents itself. He will also address: Identifying, expressing, and exercising your purpose with pride, strategies for achieving academic excellence, finding, forming, and sustaining dynamic, healthy, inclusive, and mindful relationships (and friendships), realizing your leadership potential, delivering outstanding service and executing performance excellence. This highly engaging and interactive program will turn passive listeners into active participants and the time will simply disappear.

Come Join the Metropolis Team! It is going to be a blast! 

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