Discover Persistence with Raymonn Adams

If you are a coach, an athlete, or even just a fan you have probably heard the words, “Never Give Up!” You can hear them in a variety of ways and manifestations, but what does that mean in the realm of sports? Athletes hear this phrase constantly throughout their career, whether they are in practice or a game or even the film room all athletes have heard it. But are these athletes perceiving this message correctly?

To often we see members of this society quit when the going gets tough, but an athlete cannot merely quit without consequence. You see for an athlete these words mean much more and they have to in order to be successful and help you team. For an athlete these words largely boil down into the system of persistence that one must display in the hard times of being an athlete or just in life.

However, all athletes know that the key to never giving up means that you must persists through the hard times, but why does giving up seem more prevalent in today’s day and age? That is because the term persistence and the actions that go along with the term need to rediscovered through the lens of an athlete. In order to do so your team or your campus needs to hear from someone that has lived a life and an athletic career that required full persistence. We here at Metropolis management have one such speaker.

Raymonn Adams is the first person in his entire family to graduate college. He is also an All-American Athlete, professional football player, Hall of Famer, and Start-up Founder! Whether it’s inspiring student athletes or encouraging staff members to become the champions they were born to be this is the driving force behind Raymonn’s passion to see people triumph. Raymonn has devoted himself to help every individual realize they have their own source of power, to achieve anything they desire in life by changing their mindset.

Raymonn is committed to inspiring, encouraging, and marching along side you to help you increase your courage, self-confidence, and capacity to live out your greatness. Check out a quote from the legend himself, “You can conquer anything! We make daily decisions about where we focus our time, emotions and energy – and ultimately, our life. Every day is an opportunity to challenge the status quo. But how bad do we really want to achieve our dreams? Are we willing to settle for the scraps others have given us? Or do we dare to be great in our moments of fear and weakness.”

Looking for an engaging, transformational speaker to invigorate your organization, team, school, or coaching staff? You must book Raymonn!

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