Don’t Miss Sailesh, The Hypnotist at AFLV Central

The Central Fraternal Leadership Conference and the National Black Greek Leadership Conference comprise the AFLV Central Conference. AFLV Central will be held February 4-7, 2016, in Indianapolis.  

Sailesh, The Hypnotist is honored to be performing at this year’s conference!

zKJ6Rawwtu   Sailesh will be the Thursday night entertainment. His show will start at 10:45pm in the JW Ballroom. Don’t miss out on your chance to #SleepWithTheBest! Sailesh’s shows are always popular and guarantee a good time be had by all, whether you participate on stage or stay in the audience! The ever gracious host of his own show, Sailesh makes audience members the stars of the show, taking the entire audience on a journey using hypnosis, improv, music and interactivity to create a whole lot of laughter and a ton of fun! Sailesh Big Bend Comm Coll
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