Educational Sessions at APCA Nationals

If you are attending APCA Nationals in Houston, Texas this week, you have some incredible opportunities for learning and growth in the daily Educational Sessions. Metropolis Management-Coleman Speaks is proud to be at APCA Nationals with 5 speakers who will be presenting 9 different sessions.   Take a peek at our schedule here and make arrangements to attend the ones that fit your needs best. Then come visit us in our booth to learn how you can bring this amazing Edu-tainment to your campus!  
Wednesday March 9
Student Success Coach/American Ninja Warrior
“Filling Your Events: Proven Marketing Ideas That will Increase Attendance”
 How do you motivate more students to attend the events that you plan? How can you transform your events from something students can attend to a something they can’t miss? In this interactive session, you’ll learn the time-tested strategies that Hoan Do used to receive $8,000 in in-kind donations from well-known companies, attract extensive media attention, and convince 225 students, alumni, and community members to attend one of his events, given only two months to work with and starting with zero connections.
Thursday March 10
“The Dating Doctor”
“Remarkable Organizations Share One Heartbeat”
What makes one team highly successful while another one fails? What makes one organization interact effortlessly, while another struggles and appears disorganized? It is the attitude, preparation and effort of those involved. When an organizations shares One Heartbeat, they accept that no one is more or less important and on one cares who gets the credit as long as the goals are met and the mission is accomplished.  This session will foster a sense or ownership and belonging among the participants through a series of exercises that will challenge, yet enlighten. Participants will enter as strangers, but just might leave as a unified team of friends. If you attend this session, please leave your ego at the door and be prepared to form a MasterMind.
“Recruiting, Retaining, and Motivating Exceptional Volunteers”
Leading others is no easy task! Every individual brings with them their own unique history, personal level of experience and primary motivation for being involved. It is your role as a leader to inspire your membership to achieve greatness, to create an atmosphere where people feel a sense of ownership and where everyone feels compelled to properly prepare the generation of leaders to follow. This session will provide you with concrete strategies to energize, retain and transition your members that you can immediately employ upon returning to campus…or maybe even before!
Leadership, Diversity and Relationships Speaker
“Transitional Leadership: Leading in a Time of Change”
Although CHANGE can pose several challenges for emerging and seasoned leaders, most leadership experts will agree that effective CHANGE can result in progress, growth, increased profits,
and greater productivity. With all the unique CHANGES manifesting within our culture and society today, it’s vitally important that emerging and seasoned leaders learn how to effectively lead in times of change. In this powerful, engaging, and inspirational leadership program, Joshua not only helps emerging and seasoned leaders learn how to effectively lead in times of change, but he talks about some of the important reasons why leaders of the 21st Century must be effective leaders in these times of change. In addition to the practical and applicable leadership concepts taught, emerging and seasoned leaders will also learn how to strategically bring about positive change within their organizations.
Friday March 11
Diversity Speaker/ASL Interpreter
“Can You Hear Me? A Silent Minority No One Listens To”
Amber’s presentation will give your students a look into the world of deaf culture through the eyes of an ASL Concert Interpreter. She captivates her audiences with ASL demonstrations of her signing to popular hip hop, rap, and rock songs, and gives you a behind the scenes look at how
she prepares and communicates at these mega events. Your students will be transformed by the Amber’s experience and will gain greater insight in the diverse world we all share. Her presentation is full of fun, humor, and great insight on the deaf community in America.
Leadership, Diversity and Relationships Speaker
“Are You Ready For the Future? Leading A Multi-Cultural Organization”
In today’s society not only is there increasing national diversity, but leaders are also being greatly impacted by the globalization and cultural differences that are increasing within organizations daily. In addition to the rise of globalization and cultural differences, more emerging and seasoned leaders are being asked to lead multicultural organizations more effectively in the 21st Century. In this powerful, engaging, and enlightening leadership program on leading multi-cultural organizations, Joshua not only talks about the impact that globalization and cultural differences are having on organizations in the 21st Century, but he provides emerging and seasoned leaders with a set of practical and applicable leadership skills that will enable them to become more effective at leading multicultural organizations in the 21st Century. Ultimately, if you are the leader of a multicultural organization or responsible for leading a group of multicultural individuals, this is the leadership program for YOU!
Student Success Coah/American Ninja Warrior
“#StopSettingGoals #StartAcheivingThem!”
Setting a goal is easy; it‘s accomplishing it that is difficult. Whether you want to ace a difficult class, increase involvement on campus, or land your dream job, by attending this session, you’ll learn practical strategies that you can apply immediately to help you to achieve your most important ambitions. Some of the things that you’ll discover are: The top five obstacles that prevent people from reaching their goals, the three step process that Hoan Do used to get on NBC’s hit show, American Ninja Warrior (which you can use to help increase your chances of achieving your goals), and the real purpose on why you need to pursue your dreams.  By the end of the session, you’ll have more clarity on what is important in your life and you’ll also walk away in hand with a step by step game plan to start working toward achieving your goals.
“The Art of Connecting”
 Success is not about what you know, it’s NOT EVEN about WHO YOU KNOW, it’s about who you are connected with. Your ability to develop meaningful relationships is the key to engaging people on campus, creating a cohesive bond within your executive board, landing your dream job, and living an enriched life. In this session, you’ll learn how to create an instant connection with anybody, conversation topics that will keep a discussion going, and how to get someone you just met to want to go out of their way to help you to achieve your goals. After learning these important strategies, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you just learned by connecting with others in the session.
Performer and Owner of Metropolis Management
“Work It! How to Make the Most Out of Your Interactions With Artists and Agencies”
 As an artist and business owner, over his 20 years within the college and university market, Sailesh Jiawan has worked as a self-represented artist, an artist represented by a high level college agency and the Owner of his own agency — assisting other artists and brokering deals with buyers.During this Educational session, Sailesh will draw from his experience as a performer and agency owner to provide insight and instruction for programming boards as they work with agencies and artists to plan events. Sailesh will outline what buyers can expect when they work with an agency, what buyers can and should request from the agency to assist in their event planning and what pitfalls to avoid when working with an agency or artist.
“The Dating Doctor”
 Reporting “on-line” to be “in a relationship” is far from actually being in one as the speed of dating has accelerated dramatically. Add in the responsibilities of being a student leader and it gets even harder. Apps and sites like Tindr, Chive,  Grindr, Instagram, OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish have forever changed dating’s landscape. One post, one text or one picture can alter multiple lives in a moment at a time when colleges are promoting inclusivity, fluidity, a culture of consent, and mature decision making. In a humorous, yet challenging way, David Coleman, The Dating Doctor, will help you navigate dating’s treacherous waters as he addresses: mutual consent, safe words, intervening vs. bystanding, The ABC’s of Initial Interest, the characteristics of healthy relationships, subtle signs that cheating may be evident, surviving a difficult breakup, seven traits to look for in others, common mistakes made during on -line dating, long-distance relationships, military relationships and more. Self-doubt MUST be replaced by #IWouldSoDateMe! David’s expertise and experience makes this more than just a program…it’s a life-changing event!
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