Emerging Artist - Ivy

Emerging Artist – Ivy

Ivy Roots is an alien Empress that crash landed in the Midwest. On her journey to get back to her planet she has created a crater in the Kansas City music scene as a fresh, up and coming Singer/Songwriter. Her soulful acoustic sounds are comparative to those of India Arie and Lauryn Hill. This unique artist recreates herself as the form of light in a dark world and brings the listener into a multidimensional experience with her controlled, kind of crazy vocals. “SHE IS VERY UNIQUE, SHE HAS HER OWN STYLE, AND SHE DOESN’T FIT IN ONE CATEGORY. I CAN SEE HER GOING VERY FAR.” –JAMES BENTLEY, 825 STUDIOS Check out her Facebook page to keep up with all the awesome stuff she is doing. For booking details please click here.  
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