First Semester Menu of Monthly Themes!

Well while we might not be able to cook as well as Guy Fieri, we are still going to take you to our flavor town of monthly themes throughout the school year! Every year thousands of organizations take to the calendars and drawing boards to create fun, innovative, and memorable events for all on campus! So to give back a little we created a Menu of the Monthly Themes for this semester that occur for your creative use! We hope you enjoy and let’s begin with none other than the month we are in August!


  • So while August doesn’t have many nationally recognized themes, one big event does occur in this month for nearly every college and that is orientation, welcome weekend, and the return to college. One theme of this month is August holds the National Friendship Day! So what better way to program in this month than by creating events that introduce everyone and can help facilitate and create life long friendships!


  • The slow rolling entry of fall occurs in the month of September and there are days and weeks you should certainly look to program around! Between Labor Day, Patriots Day, and the solemn 9/11 this month has a lot of patriotic belongings. So don’t be afraid to reach out to entertainers who touch on these topics or host events that service those men and women who sought to protect us.
  • Another incredible week within the month of September is home to Suicide Prevention Week. Suicide is a topic that has statistically impacted everyone in society and is increasingly grow among the student and veteran population! There have been incredible programs hosted by universities, entertainers, and organizations all across the country in respect to this week and you could be the next!


  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Perhaps one of the busiest months of the year October beholds Breast Cancer Awareness Month! National Campaigns and speakers launch themselves across the country at this time, so don’t be afraid to play host to one, attend one, or fundraise for one of these movements!
  • National Bullying Prevention Month- One of the biggest issues in modern society is the presence of Bullying! The incredible month of October stands up and hosts a month long recognition to further prevent this tragedy we see so prevalent!
  • Halloween and Dia de los Muertos- Taking an aside from the serious topics and themes for this month is host to Halloween and part of Dia de los Muertos! We encourage to host events that incorporate this fun times for all of the students on campus!


  • Stress- It’s the last full month of the semester and while this might not be a nationally recognized theme we know that stress is in the air for many! Whether students are trying to wrap up their coursework, assignments they missed, or study for upcoming finals they are all stressed. Be apart of the movement to reduce the stress of these students by hosting events that are fun, humorous, or relaxing because all of these are studied and time tested solutions to easing the stress everyone is feeling.
  • Thanksgiving- Everyone loves some good food and November is home to the food holiday itself…..THANKSGIVING!! Give back to the students before they go home for this holiday and host a pre thanksgiving feast where students can mix and mingle over some delicious food.


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