Freshman 15!

Well it is that time of year again like we have been so constantly talking about. It is move in time for colleges across the nation and this weekend in particular is a big moving weekend for first year residents. It is one of the most exciting times of the year for universities, their partners, and those of us who help provide entertainment to them. However, we here at Metropolis management have never been overly fixated on just pitching our artists to you, but rather we want you to know we care for you, your school, and everyone experience.

The first year of college is a big transition and milestone for many in life and while it is often hyped up, we know to well that it comes with its own set of struggles and challenges. One such of these is the notorious Freshman 15, a name given to the average amount of weight a first year college student will gain during this first year. Now while the number is a little over inflated than what most students actually gain, statistics do show that over 70% of first year students do experience weight gain in their first year of college.

That is quite the large percentage and probably scares some of you and understandably so, but what can be done in order to prevent this weight gain? It was this question that got us thinking here at Metropolis Management and we have put together 5 pieces of advice to help prevent the Freshman 15!

  1. Get involved on your campus!

    Now you might be thinking to yourself is this a solution for everything in first year challenges? And yes, yes it is because studies show that students that are active and involved on campus stay occupied, active, and socially interacted. All three of these lead into higher activity in life, more calories being burnt, and setting up a foundation for the others.

  2. Get enough sleep, but don’t excessively sleep!

    Listen up, since you were a young lad not even thinking of college you were taught how much sleep you needed and when you should be sleeping. Getting a proper amount of sleep, 7-8 hours during a night, allows your body to digest food efficiently and burn those consumed calories. Proper sleep will also allow you too stay active and refreshed during the day in order to be present and active among your campus, friends, and numerous other communities you will build.

  3. Eat your breakfast, (in the morning)!

    This one follows the one above, when you sleep properly you should be waking up in the morning just in time for the most important meal of the day, BREAKFAST!! Now many people hate to eat breakfast in the morning, but it is quintessential for keeping the Freshman 15 at bay! Eating a good meal in the morning gives you energy for the day ahead of you and prevents from over consuming foods later in the day to make up for the lost meal.

  4. Stay active and build a support group!

    You will meet people at college, You will create friendships, and You all can help and support one another! It can be a workout group or just some friends that support each other and their aim to maintain or obtain better health. Not everyone likes to hit the gym or run a mile, but it is psychologically proven that if we surround ourselves with those that are supportive towards our goals than we reciprocate that positive energy into our lives and can use it to stay active, fit, and healthy!

  5. Take Mom’s advice and eat your veggies!

    We would be remiss to not include this piece of advice, but please take your mothers advice and eat your veggies. They contain valuable and life essential vitamins and minerals that will also keep you healthier.

College is a time for so many incredible opportunities, but don’t let those get squandered by a looming scare of weight gain. You are all so amazingly beautiful and deserve to have the utmost confidence everyday you wake up in the morning! So, take our advice and do your best to keep these constant in your life! We know it is hard, we have been there, but you are doing it and we can’t to hear or read all your success stories!


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