Get rid of the negative and be happy for the positive

Life continues to surprise us and everyday we never know what to expect.  COVID has changed the world and the way most look at the world.  Here is my story of growth from 2020.

Up until March of 2020 I, like most, had my daily routine.  Wake up at 5:30 am to get ready for the day, head to work in a busy office with lots of coworkers, return home after work to prepare dinner, clean up the house and continue working another job and then wind down for bed around 10 pm.  This was routine every day…. It was like I was a robot and was doing what had to be done without a second thought.  Then BOOM COVID hit and my routine was turned upside down. Furloughed from work, discouraged from leaving the house, told only to go out if it was a necessity….  WHAT!?!?  My mind was going crazy, how was I going to pay bills, what was I going to do all day to keep busy, would we survive the pandemic, would my family and friends be ok…. I worked myself up so much I had to stop, take a few deep breaths and relax.  I knew I couldn’t sit in my house or I would go crazy so I loaded up the car and my husband and I left Las Vegas to head north to Montana.  

I am extremely Blessed and Grateful for the amazing 3 months that we got to spend with family.  Under the big blue Montana sky we were able to keep each other company in the time of uncertainty.   Those 3 months opened my eyes and made me really think about what was important to me in life…. I have stopped being a robot who is stuck in a routine,  I have stopped complaining about work , I have stopped focusing on negativity and drama around me.  What I have done is picked up meditation, purged unneeded items/possessions in my life, I started to embrace the opportunities to learn new things while at work and have made an effort to start reconnecting and spending more time

with those people that are important to me and make me incredibly happy.   I am so happy and grateful to have a job, to work with great people who challenge me to grow and some of the most amazing friends that I couldn’t imagine living without. 

I challenge you to sit down and think about what you are Grateful for.  You will be surprised at how it will change your life!!  Be happy, spread happiness around and see the good in the world.  LIVE a life full of Gratitude, Love and Happiness – you will thank yourself for it!

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