We’re excited to see you at the NODA 2018 Annual Conference in beautiful San Diego!

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience two of the nations top speakers, David Coleman & Joshua Fredenburg!

David Coleman

Monday, October 22nd, 3:15 PM – 4:05 PM

Presenting:  Dating and Relating in a Title IX World

Location: Marina 2

“Reporting online to be “in a relationship” is a far cry from actually being in one as the speed of dating has accelerated dramatically. Add in the responsibilities of being a new student and it amplifies. Apps and sites like Facebook, Tinder and SnapChat have forever changed our social landscape. One post, one text or one picture can alter multiple lives in an instant at a time when colleges are encouraging inclusivity, a culture of consent and mature decision making.”

David Coleman is known worldwide as The Dating Doctor.™ He has been honored 14 times as The National Speaker of the Year— 11 times by Campus Activities Magazine and 3 times by The National Association for Campus Activities. He is the only speaker ever to win the National Entertainer of the Year Award from the Campus Activities Magazine. The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Entertainment. David is a highly sought after coach, speaker, entertainer, radio and television personality and product endorser.  He was recently a featured speaker for TEDx.

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Joshua Fredenburg

Tuesday, October 23rd, 10:00 AM – 10:50 AM

Presenting: Emotional Intelligence 101! Are You Emotionally Fit to Lead?

Location: Marina 3

“The emotional intelligence model that will be discussed in the program will center on four specific areas: identifying your emotional triggers, learning how to effectively regulate those emotional triggers, becoming more empathetic, and learning how to effectively respond to the emotional responses of others within your campus community.”

Joshua Fredenburg is a Nationally Recognized Speaker, Author, Leadership Expert, and Television/Radio Commentator that is on a mission to empower at least 1 BILLION LEADERS WORLDWIDE with effective leadership, career, relationship, and success strategies that will enable them to make a positive impact in their community, nation, and world. During the past seven years, Joshua has appeared as a television guest on BET, the Wayne Brady Show, the KTLA Morning Show in Los Angeles, the Daily Buzz Nation Morning Show, and many other familiar radio and television programs throughout the country. He has also served as a dynamic speaker in 44 different states for non-profit organizations, lectures, leadership conferences, retreats, and trainings at high schools, colleges, and various corporate events.


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