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After the excitement of the fall semester winds down and students become immersed in their campus life, it’s essential to give them opportunities to expand on what they are learning and process experiences. By winter they should have identified areas where they need an extra push, topics that they wish to explore further, and excited to participate freely without worrying about a test.

These speakers provide lectures and workshops that are in high demand on campuses across the country and sure to bring record attendance!

  • DAVID COLEMAN, THE DATING DOCTOR  Has been honored 14 times as The National Speaker of the Year— 11 times by Campus Activities Magazine and 3 times by The National Association for Campus Activities. He is the only speaker ever to win the National Entertainer of the Year Award from the Campus Activities Magazine. The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Entertainment. David is a highly sought after coach, speaker, entertainer, radio and television personality and product endorser.  He was recently a featured speaker for TEDx.
  • Two-time Olympian, National championship coach and Certified Master Life coach, COACH SHERRY WINN
    comes with over 34 years of building championship teams and provides you with the opportunity to learn the secrets of creating WINNING mindset.
  • DR. MEGAN STUBBS offers presentations on a wide variety of topics ranging from positive body image to sexual assault prevention.
  • Not just a motivational speaker, RAYMONN ADAMS is a transformation seeker; giving students the tools to discover personal empowerment and overcome obstacles.
  • Inclusion specialist and keynote speaker, MITZI SINNOTT  provides lectures and workshops that energizes staff and students utilizing the power of image and drama to interest, process and activate the audience. Knowing the value of entertainment, she synthesizes the complexities of our times into an uplifting call to action
  • HOAN DO As an award-winning college motivational speaker, Hoan speaks at colleges & universities across North America sharing practical advice that helps students to succeed in and out of school. His learning outcome based programs are focused on the areas of college success, leadership development, stress management, interpersonal communications, and personal motivation.
  • From anti-hazing to leadership & empowerment, TISH NORMAN delivers powerful messages in an approachable and practical fashion.  She relates to and appeals to her audiences’ basic desire and common goal, to make the most of every experience.
  • SAILESH, THE HYPNOTIST brings the power of mind over matter in his workshop designed to help manage stress & anxiety while creating empowerment to reach your best self through self hypnosis.

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