History of Homecoming

Nostalgia in the crisp fall air, marching bands, cheering with friends and family under the bright stadium lights – there’s nothing quite like homecoming celebrations.
If you’ve ever wondered where and when this great American tradition got started, the answer is a bit of a toss- up.

Three universities: Baylor, Southwestern, and Missouri are the founding frontrunners, all having planned and held their first “coming home” celebrations around 1910.

The University of Missouri and Coach Brewer are Officially sanctioned by the NCAA, Jeopardy! and Trivial Pursuit as the originator of homecoming, the University of Missouri is proud of their long-standing homecoming tradition. It was there in 1911 where Mizzou’s Athletic Director Chester Brewer asked alumni of the school to help inaugurate the new location of their football field by “coming home” to attend the annual game against the University of Kansas.

BUT- there are at least two collegiate homecoming celebrations predate the University of Missouri football game homecoming event: Southwestern University, in Georgetown, TX and Baylor University, in Waco, TX. By multiple historical accounts, Southwestern held the first homecoming on record on Wednesday, April 21, 1909 in San Gabriel Park. Former students raised funds, provided homes, prepared and served a barbecue supper, and decorated the town buildings while members of the senior class waited tables.

Despite the debate, these early homecoming events all had similar characteristics: a football game served as a center point; the events included rallies, parades, speeches and dances; the events intended to unite alumni and students to create a stronger sense of school pride; and they were wildly successful.

With over 100 years of homecoming celebrations in the history books, it’s safe to say that this tradition is just as successful as it was when it all began. No matter where it may have started…we’re glad its here to stay.

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