Looking to let loose and get to know your peers as the new year approaches?
Speaker David Coleman will be hosting his program titled “Hooray! Building A Community Out Of Classmates” for orientation all around the country. We can promise that hula hoops will be involved and a community will be built from strangers. Increase your student return and allow David Coleman to create an environment to form lasting relationships.
Rave Reviews:
“Quite possibly the perfect Orietation program.” – Tom Faessel, The University of Akron
Hooray! fit with us like a hand to a glove and everyone had such wonderful things to say!”-Angela Guillory, President, Sigma Kappa
The feedback could not have been more positive. It was a great way to kick off our conference.”-Janet Cox, Bacchus & Gamma National Assembly
Everyone in attendance immensely enjoyed and benefited from Hooray! It is a perfect orientation program!”-NODA, Far West Regional Conference
Two hours was not enough time. We wanted more – much more!”-Hilary Shumate, Alpha Phi International
This program was the ideal way to end our retreat. It was touching and our students bonded beyond my wildest expectations!”-Boyd Jones, Winthrop University
You took a room full of individuals and made them a TEAM in mere minutes. We will see the positive effects of this program all year long!”-Laura Bedenbaugh, Clemson University
I can’t put into words what an impact your program had on me and all of my colleagues who were fortunate enough to attend your session!”-Rita Cain, COCA/CCSA, Alberta, Canada
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