Hop on Blocks!

We love attending Campus Programming conferences to showcase our artists and meet with students. However, we understand that not all schools have the resources to attend. Just because your Programming Board wasn’t at your regional conference doesn’t mean your campus has to miss out on the performers and presenters who will be traveling through your region!


Block Booking saves everyone time and money!

When an artist is working several days in the same area, he/she saves money on travel expenses and we are able to pass that savings on! It also saves an artist from having to travel back and forth across a large region multiple times. This allows more time for rest which makes for a happier, healthier artist!

Block Booking creates connection!

When schools are able to work together to create a block for an artist, this provides an opportunity for communication between schools and forges a relationship with your Regional Booking Agent.

Contact us today to find out more about Block Booking and learn about the opportunities available in your region.






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