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NACA Nationals is right around the corner!

This year’s conference will take place in February 20-24 in Louisville, KY.


Metropolis Management is proud to be attending NACA Nations with five showcasing artists and three educational session presenters!

  Aman Ali Aman Ali 2 Aman Ali is an award winning storyteller in New York City. His passionate and animated tales he regularly posts to Facebook continue to go viral by the thousands daily. Aman is one of the only young American Muslims in the public spotlight today. He’s made appearances on dozens of media outlets such as the New York Times, CNN, HBO, ABC News, and NPR to talk about his upbringing as a 20-something Muslim born and raised in America. Aman Ali is the co-creator of the social media phenomenon 30 Mosques in 30 Days, a 25,000 mile road trip he took to all 50 states in the U.S. with the mission of telling groundbreaking and profound stories about Muslims in America.     Jay Dukes Gray shirt Jay Dukes, AKA “The Repeat King” is the most sought after Comedic Emcee in the college market. Not only does Jay come equipped with sidesplitting jokes, his impeccable improvisational skills and contagious energy keep the audience thoroughly entertained for the entire show. Having professionally performed at 100+ colleges, Jay is the perfect host for your event. He is someone who not only provides entertainment, but understands the atmosphere and adapts on the spot to keep the crowd rockin’. Jay Dukes showcased for NACA South (2013 & 2015), NACA Northeast (2013) and is honored to showcase at NACA Nationals!     Joshua Fredenburg 842960_10200520060983213_245962412_o-300x199 In today’s society not only is there increasing national diversity, but leaders are also being greatly impacted by the globalization and cultural differences that are increasing within organizations daily. In addition to the rise of globalization and cultural differences, more emerging and seasoned leaders are being asked to lead multicultural organizations more effectively in the 21st Century. In this powerful, engaging, and enlightening leadership program on leading multi-cultural organizations, Joshua not only talks about the impact that globalization and cultural differences are having on organizations in the 21st Century, but he provides emerging and seasoned leaders with a set of practical and applicable leadership skills that will enable them to become more effective at leading multicultural organizations in the 21st Century. Ultimately, if you are the leader of a multicultural organization or responsible for leading a group of multicultural individuals, this is the leadership program for YOU!   My Body Sings Electric MBSE Group My Body Sings Electric’s music resonates with a sense of playfulness and lust for life. Call their music alternative. Call it indie. Call it pop. Call it what you will, but when you connect with the tunes from these lovable misfits, you’ll feel as if you just met your five new best friends.The video for their first album single, New Friends, earned a premiere on MTV Buzzworthy. In 2014, their colleges dates included time with Grouplove, and other notable bookings for 2014 include Riotfest with Weezer, New Found Glory, Slayer and many more.     Kid Ace Kid-Ace-Magic Kid Ace is an international illusionist who is recognized as one of magic’s rising stars. His acts have taken him around the world from the famous Apollo Theater to the Czech Republic for a private performance for Madonna. After touring the country performing at different universities and theaters, Kid Ace headlined his one man show “Underground Magic”at the Elektra Theatre in the heart of Times Square. At the close of the show’s run, Ace signed on to headline Soft Touch Productions’ “Circus Bahamas: MAGIC AND DANCE” show touring in the Bahamas. Kid Ace can put on an elaborate stage show or a low key performance of close magic. This performer is versatile, dynamic, and his talents can fit any budget or venue.   Dan Henig Dan Henig2 Dan Henig is a creative musician and songwriter with a knack for storytelling. His musical style can be described as a soulful blend of Pop and R&B, with lyrically driven melodies which are bound to stick with you long after you listen. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Henig started getting involved with music after a neck injury in high school prevented him from pursuing college football. Driven to succeed in the music industry, Henig moved to Nashville for a year to hone in on his songwriting craft. Now, living in Los Angeles, Henig has teamed up with Cody Tarpley to create his most recent record, set to be released in winter of 2016. Henig’s musical success is amplified on YouTube, where his cover videos have gotten him 98,000 subscribers and over 14.5 million views. Additionally, his song “Gravity Bound” was featured on an episode of CBS’s, “Life Unexpected.”     Sailesh  zKJ6Rawwtu As an artist and business owner, over his 20 years within the college and university market, Sailesh Jiawan has worked as a self-represented artist, an artist represented by a high level college agency and the Owner of his own agency — assisting other artists and brokering deals with buyers. During this Educational session, Sailesh will draw from his experience as a performer and agency owner to provide insight and instruction for programming boards as they work with agencies and artists to plan events.  Sailesh will outline what buyers can expect when they work with an agency, what buyers can and should request from the agency to assist in their event planning and what pitfalls to avoid when working with an agency or artist.       David Coleman DavidPreferred The speed of business and life has reached an all-time high where the immediacy of thought and action is paramount.  To be highly successful, individuals must be able to effortlessly handle multiple tasks simultaneously with ease and precision or risk being left behind.  This session teaches the participants how to set and achieve realistic goals, while undertaking multiple tasks simultaneous and acting as a united, inspired and selfless team. There is no program out there quite like it and it teaches a very valuable principle of life and leadership which manifests at the very end in an “Ah Hah” moment for the audience. People are having so much fun and this program goes by so fast they don’t realize just how much they have learned until the very end.  

As NACA Nationals approaches, stay tuned for more information on our showcasing artists and all the details on when and where you can see them!

We look forward to meeting you in Louisville and showing you how we can bring amazing events to your campus!!

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