It’s National Humor Month!!

“National Humor Month was conceived as a means to heighten public awareness of the therapeutic value of humor. Laughter and joy – the benchmarks of humor – lead to improved well-being, boosted morale, increased communication skills, and an enriched quality of life.

It’s no coincidence that the month begins with April Fool’s Day, a day which has sanctioned frivolity and amusement for hundreds of years.

Humor as a tool to lift ailing spirits is an established notion supported by scientific research. The curative power of laughter and its ability to relieve debilitating stress and burnout may indeed be one of the great medical discoveries of our times.”  –

In honor of National Humor Month we have decided that we’re going to take some time to highlight our amazing comedians. We’ll take a break from Tuesday Tunes and showcase all of the amazing people that make others laugh with their real world experience, and funny antics.

Who is your favorite comedian, and why?

Check out our amazing comedians here!

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