Keep Calm and Go Greek!

Sailesh the Hypnotist is continues the conversation about bringing the positives of Greek Life back into focus. Here is what he says.

Greek week is a time to celebrate, and this year Greek week should perhaps be a time to really show the entire student body, the school and the community just how much there is to celebrate, just how good and important their sororities and fraternities are. And why not make this positive message as “high profile” as the negative ones?

And this is how I can help. I have been offering a truly unique and extremely popular form of entertainment to colleges and universities (as well as many other groups and organizations) for many years. I feel truly blessed to have been so well received. I have been called “Best Hypnotist in the World” by MTV Europe, Campus Activities Magazine’s “Entertainer of the Year” for 2016/2017, and the APCA 2017 “Entertainer of the Year” and 2014 “Hypnotist of the Year.” I am the most highly booked hypnotist in the college and university markets, and have an extraordinarily high re-book rate.

So every time I appear on a college campus it tends to be a very high profile event. People talk about my shows long before I arrive and long after I leave, and they enjoy a night of riotous laughter, entertainment and intrigue unlike anything they have ever experienced. But as wonderful as it is to see people having a great time, it would mean very little if what I do didn’t also make people feel better about themselves and their lives. This is my real work and my real joy, and I can honestly say that people leave my shows feeling much better than when they arrived, and knowing that it’s possible to continue to feel that way.

This is because a night of entertainment can also be a night of positive messages, a night of learning tools and techniques for being and feeling happy, healthy and successful. People learn how to love and appreciate themselves, experience more positive self image and more confidence. Students who have attended one of my shows have less general anxiety, test anxiety and social anxiety and lower levels of stress, do better in school and enjoy it more. They feel healthier and develop healthier habits and lifestyles, and often easily, even naturally, break free from bad habits like smoking, drinking or drugs. They also regularly report having better relationships with their friends, family, teachers and, most importantly, themselves.

And so, this year’s Greek week can be something different, a time of real celebration which can also help to repair the reputation of your houses and chapters and to let the students, school and community know what Greek life is really about. Sponsoring a show for the campus is one way to do this, a large and visible gesture which makes your house look great and will even improve recruitment, and which, more importantly, is good for the students and the school. And having a show and even private workshops just for your house and your students shows how much you care about your own brothers and sisters. And it will do them so much good as well, in the last few weeks of school, for the rest of their academic careers and for the rest of their lives.

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