Kelsey’s Kindness Tour

There’s much discussion these days about the topics of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. Practicing kindness, compassion, empathy, and gratitude is sometimes easier said than done. If the way we feel doesn’t match what’s going on around us, it can be easier to hide our true selves. We are proud of the presenters on the Metropolis-Coleman Speaks’ roster who address these issues on college campuses across the country every day. One of our speakers has a particularly timely message for students when it comes to celebrating our differences.


Kelsey Tainsh will present her workshop, “Pockets: What They Hold? What They Hide?” at the Girl Bullying & Empowerment National Conference taking place in Orlando, Florida March 3-5, 2017. This presentation is one of many Kelsey has scheduled on her “Kindness Tour” this spring. She will present at conferences, colleges, and middle and high schools around the U.S.

“As children, it seems that if we don’t fit in, we stand out. So we hide our secrets and differences in our pockets to prevent being bullied. The key to changing this lies in teaching kids to share and embrace their differences, and the uniqueness of others.” -Kelsey Tainsh

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