Last chance to VOTE!!!

head over to WWW.VOTEMETROPOLIS.COM! Voting ends March 1st, so vote now! Thanks for your help! Metropolis Management along with several of our artists have been nominated for the Campus Activities Magazine Awards. We wouldn’t be here without you guys, and for that we are truly grateful for the support. If you’re a college student, advisor, artist or agent do me a favor and head on over to to vote for me! It’ll take you about60 seconds to complete and you’ll be asked to fill in your name and email address (generally voters should have a .edu email address). Below are suggestions for talented nominated artists: #4 Best Small Venue Performer: Dan Henig #5 Best Diversity Artist: Dynamic Duo #6 Best Music Artist: Kazual #7 Best Speaker: Aman Ali #9 Best Male Performer: Eric Dittleman #10 Fastest Rising Star: Kaycie Gunn #11 Best Major Performer: Matt Franco #14 Best Comedy Performer: Ronnie Jordan #15 Best Campus Program Board: Stanford University, Southern New Hampshire University, University of Akron #16 Best National Agency of the Year: Metropolis Management #17 Entertainer of the Year: Sailesh
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