Let’s Talk Co-Sponsorship

How have your events been going this semester? Have you had the turnout, attendance, and excitement that you had been hoping to have when you started creating this calendar? Well if you haven’t and you are looking for a way to spice this up and raise these levels, we have a solution for you. That solution is none as Co-Sponsorship.

Co-Sponsorship is when two or more parties or organization come together jointly to plan, organize, and run a program for an intended audience. Co-Sponsorship can come in a variety of forms. It can be with two organizations on your campus, it can be your organization with an outside organization/business, or it can even be your organization and multiple different entities coming together to run an event.

Now that you understand what it is you might be wondering why you should choose to pursue this option. Co-Sponsorship allows for more resources, more monetary funds, more collaborative thought, and potential for a larger audience reach. When two organizations come together you effectively double the resources you originally thought you had because you can pull from both of your supplies in order to really create the best event. Pulling from both of your supplies also includes a larger monetary amount available for the event you are looking to plan. Think about it rather than just what you thought or can put towards this event you now have another involved partner adding into the funds as well.

Additionally, Co-Sponsorship allows for more brain power coming together to create the highest quality program. Have you ever wondered why successful companies work in teams? It’s because it is understood and proven that more people jointly working together to reach a goal is going to allow for more opinions, thoughts, and ideas working together to reach the designated goal. As a final benefit Co-Sponsorship greatly increases the audience and reach for your marketing of the event. You not only are able to reach your audience now, but also that of your partners, and while there may be some overlap there will be an additional public that this partnership can now allow you to reach.

Now Co-Sponsorship is obviously beneficial, but there are some factors or forewarnings that you need to know about and be ready for before you go diving into this tactic. It’s important that your values, ideals, or outlooks on what you are looking to accomplish align or else this process and planning can become extremely prolonged and frustrating for both parties. It’s also important to lay out clear and concise expectations for both involved parties in order to avoid work not getting done, being delayed, or blame getting placed. Make sure that the division of labor is fair, equal, accepted, and able to be completed before diving into the actual planning and execution. It’s important and necessary to consider all these warnings and precautions before diving into a Co-Sponsorship partnership.

After reading this I hope you understand why Co-Sponsorship is so beneficial and that you are excited to from one soon. You probably want to know how to go about doing this! Well this may be easier than you think. There are plenty of websites you can go to and type in event information to allow potential sponsors to reach out to you, but what we find to be most effective is to formulate the idea you are looking to create and specifically target potential sponsors that you believe align and best fit your interest. It’s important to have an idea or some type of organization before you reach out in order to avoid mass frustration. And while reaching out to potential partners be sure to concise, organized, respectful, and persistent in order to get the job done. From that point you can get together and start the creative process you all know how to!

We hope this article finds you well and we cant wait to hear about all the new partnerships you will form.

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