Life in a World Touring Band

Contributed by Daniel Freiburg

It is amazing to have the opportunity to tour nationally and internationally. A lot goes into organizing a good tour, so it is very rewarding to play the shows and connect with such unique audiences everywhere we go.

We’ve completed our second successful tour in Morocco recently, which we are very excited about. It took lots of planning and logistics, especially taking the language barrier into consideration, but the hard work certainly paid off. Morocco is so different from the USA in so many ways, but when we go there, we are reminded that music is a universal language that brings everybody together. No matter who you are, your body will move to good music, and our responsibility is to bring an energizing and memorable performance to all the audiences we play for.

We’ve also had the amazing opportunity to play in Brazil. Two of our band members are from there, and it was incredible to play in their home country. The crowds were extremely responsive and welcoming, and the experience was unforgettable.

As a band, we have a strong message of inclusion and always respecting other people’s unique differences. We believe that as long as you respect others, you can be free to do whatever you want. It brings us great joy to be able to spread that message in so many places around the world. It also gives us the opportunity to meet so many people with such distinct personalities. Fans end up becoming our friends in so many situations, and that just makes everything fall into place and make sense for us.

Tour life is not glorious all the time though. Even though lots of people think that show time is the only time of the day we really need to work, we would argue that it is the complete opposite. We see the show as the reward: a time to let go, forget everything, and just focus on connecting with the audience through the magic of music. Aside from having to carry lots gear around, sound checks, extensive drives and flights, and lots of planning for the group/tour managing, there are always problems that pop up along the way. We’ve had a van break down on us on the side of road for example, and had to be towed into our gig by a Triple A truck! Traveling a lot is tiring, and takes a hard toll on the body. Not to mention when you sleep little and move around a lot, your immune system doesn’t always hold up very well.

Through challenges, triumphs, sweat, and tears, we bring our best and most energetic show possible everywhere we go. We know that what we do is unique and requires a certain kind of personality, and we all think we fit right into the requirements. We absolutely love what we do every single day, and are thankful that the art we love so much takes us around the world and allows us to meet such incredible people. If you are reading this, I hope we will have the opportunity to hang out at an Added Color show very soon!!!

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