Matthew Shapiro, Inclusive Hero

It’s not everyday we get to share news and coverage like this, but when we do you can be sure we will. Matthew Shapiro is a spirited and charismatic speaker and consultant, born with cerebral palsy. However, more importantly Matthew Shapiro has recently made a splash in the Virginia Government as an impactful lobbyist!

Matthew is on a mission to shift the perspective and narrative on people with disabilities. In light of recent media coverage Matthew Shaprio told CBS 6 that, “I want this to be a fully-inclusive world.” Matthew is on a mission rolling out new legislation in Virginia and talks about that and more in the article and interview below.

We encourage you to read the article below and share beginning story of a young hero we are proud to have on our team.

Inclusion drives this Virginia lobbyist: ‘I want this to be a fully-inclusive world’


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