Multiculturalism and Cultural Awareness for the REAL World

Justin Brown is a well known speaker and diversity instructor in the field of higher education. His passion for working with students developed while pursuing a bachelors degree in public relations from Slippery Rock University. During his undergraduate tenure, Justin was actively involved on campus, working and collaborating with various offices and departments on campus. It was during this time that Justin created the Diversity Awareness Program (D.A.P.). 

What exactly is D.A.P.?

D.A.P. is a program dedicated to raising awareness and educating college campuses and organizations about the importance of diversity, and the embracing of all cultures and backgrounds.

If your not familiar, the purpose of D.A.P. is to encourage diversity and cultural unity in all areas of life among students, faculty, and staff on the University campus. This will be accomplished through energetic and vigorous engagements of dynamic discussions on issues and ideas. D.A.P. serves as a catalyst in encouraging students and members to search for opportunities to become more culturally aware and conscious.

“I created this program to give students the necessary tools, skills and confidence to have authentic relationships with one another.” – Justin Brown

So is this just like any other diversity program? GUESS AGAIN!

Justin’s method of impactful diversity training is brought to life through games, activities, icebreakers, team building, social experiences and role playing. Students, staff and faculty alike love his program and he has been invited to more than 300 schools in the programs existence. This 2-hour high energy presentation incorporates very strong fundamental ideas and concepts on topics relating to diversity. Topics are presented in a new and exciting way, which allows students to actively engage in discussions on social issues and ideas. Justin’s presentation style is high energy, while demonstrating his approach in interaction amongst the participating individuals.

His sessions are dynamic and organized, and his enthusiasm for crowd participation motivates and encourages students to actively participate. Justin uses various sources of media in his workshops such as PowerPoint, video clips, cell phones, role playing and games to create a constructive learning environment. The audience will feel comfortable, eager to participate and ready to learn more about each other and themselves.

This program is fun from beginning to end, and participants walk away learning useful tips, techniques and strategies to help them in their daily lives.

“Justin is amazing! He customized his program to fit the needs of our institution. I’ve never seen so many students come out to a program and then ask for more when it was over. When he left, for the next month, all I heard students say was, “when is he coming back.” Worth every penny!

-Karissa Merkel

D.A.P. is one program with many uses!

What can YOU do with D.A.P?

  • Hold Diversity Training for faculty and staff.
  • Celebrate a Diversity Day on campus for students or staff.
  • Create D.A.P chapters on campus to cultivate a community of diversity and inclusion.
  • Perform an Awareness audit in conjunction with a customized D.A.P. workshop that addresses the most important issues to your campus or community.
  • Participate in thought-provoking, fun activities in large and small groups that will challenge thinking, understanding, society views and personal experiences.
  • Engage in experiential learning in the domains of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, language, age, and social class towards an analysis of equity.
  • Explore challenges that surface amidst interactions between people of different backgrounds, worldviews, environmental opportunities, and how social contexts exacerbate or reduce those challenges.

If you want to make REAL change and create MEANINGFUL cross cultural relationships for your campus or organization,  Justin Brown is the answer.

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