NACA Central Lineup!

Well last week you heard who we had taking stage at this year’s NACA South and today we are bringing you are lineup for the 2019 NACA Central!!

Just like last we want to express our sincerest congratulatory excitement for these artists who were selected for this year’s NACA Central!

Kicking off our lineup and making back to back appearances is none other than one of our favorite accapella groups Kazual! Kazual has been rocking the airwaves lately while dropping new #accapellamonday videos every week! They will be making back to back appearances at NACA South and Central and for this we are truly proud!

Next we have two favorites taking front and center stage for a spotlight showcase! iCon and Oveuous are the two selected for these showcases! These two poets and lyricists are sure to drop your jaw and leave you in awe!

But wait we aren’t done yet! Unlike NACA South we have a 4th artist at Central! One of yours and our favorite magicians Nash Fung will be taking stage in the variety act! Nash’s innovative performance has not only left people in wonder, but has also inspired many through the message behind the show!

We are beyond excited for another great NACA Region and so proud and excited for our performers! Best of luck to all performers and congrats we can’t wait for a great time!

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