NACA Live Recap!

Hey there everyone and a special hello to all of you we saw at NACA Live last week! We want you all to know that we had a great time getting to meet many of you, seeing some of you again, and having the chance to get to know all of you just a little bit better.

These conferences are a time for all of us to connect with you face to face and interpersonally rather than on the screen or over the phone. It is a time that us as staff and all of our entertainers truly enjoy and cherish. With that being said we hope that these times are able to be replicated at future conferences and at events on your campus we hope to be apart of.

At NACA Live you saw and were entertained by the talents of none other than Judd Hoos, NRG, Backtrack, Oveous, and Kyla Lacey. All of which killed the stage and were unbelievably thrilled to have the chance to perform for you all! These talents just as we both know are one of a kind. All of them are ready to amaze crowds at orientations, welcome weekends, homecoming, spring flings, or so much more!

So let us know when you are ready to bring these talents to your campus and check out their bios on our website under the explore tab! Let’s continue the relationship we started at NACA Live and work to create once in a lifetime events for all your students! Thank you for stopping by the booth and the great work you do for your campus, can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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