National Trivia Day

National Trivia Day

Do you love Trivia? I know we do here at Metropolis and we love seeing these days at campuses! The best type of activities to go to is when you can attend a Trivia Event with your peers, and hash it out over who knows more facts! Right!?

Anyway! We just wanted to let you know that we have such wonderful Game Shows that would be an absolute blast at any event. Contact us for more information or any questions!!

Here are some fun facts about National Trivia Day!

College Trivia Contests started in 1966 , The Great Midwest Trivia Contest launched at Lawrence University in Wisconsin!
Trivia is a great ice breaker and great for groups
Trivia is a great party starter!

We love Trivia! And we wanted to present our Trivia Master Team : Text Breakers!

They have everything you are looking for in an interactive game show:
– They’ll host an energetic, team-building event that is fun for the selected participants, and also the audience who can guess by text.
-When these all-star hosts take the stage, the entire room will be smiling and engaged.
-Text Breakers games are similar to popular TV game shows and span more genres than just trivia.
-There are games based on drawing, charades, acting, and more. And the audience won’t be left out, they get to participate the entire way through texting on their mobile phones.

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