New Year, Same Committments

So crazy thing it’s the year 2020! A new year is at foot, a new decade is at foot, and a new you is at foot. While all this new is very exciting there are certain traditions and commitments that our performers are taking into this new time with them. These traditions and commitments include excellence, reliability and quality. Its pretty much the stamp of a Metropolis performer.

From Comedians to Hypnotists, Speakers, Dancers, Singers, and many more, are performers take pride in their craft and are committed to the quality of every show. So much so we have heard them say that one of their hopes is for each show they perform to become a once in a lifetime experience from someone in the audience. They care about their audiences because they are committed to those above ideals.

However, our performers aren’t just committed to these ideals and its certainly not a new thing. Our performers have proven these ideals time after time, year after year, and show after show. But don’t just take our word for it, look at some of the accolades our performers have accumulated:

  • Winner! 2019 Hypnotist of the Year (APCA)
  • Entertainer of the Year!
  • Most Booked Hypnotist in the College and University Market!
  • 95% rebooking average
  • 2017/18 Entertainer and Hypnotist of the Year by APCA.
  • 2016 Entertainer of the Year as voted in the Campus Activities Magazine, Readers’ Choice Awards
  • 2014 Hypnotist of the Year
  • Cover videos have gotten 162,000+ subscribers and over 16.5 million views.
  • Performed at Carnegie Hall
  • 2017 Steve Harvey’s Sing Off
  • 14 times as The National Speaker of the Year
  • National Service Citation from President George Bush

Okay so you get the point, but that is just the beginning of our long list of accolades, rewards, and honors. So, when you are thinking about who want on your stage this year be sure to go with someone that is as committed to quality as Metropolis Entertainers are.

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