Orientation Welcome Tips!

It’s hard to believe that 2019 has flown by to the point where so many colleges and universities are getting ready or are hosting their new student orientations and welcome weekends festivities. This is a big time for the university and the incoming students alike and involves so many different logistical and communication components that half of us never see of hear about. It is a major transition as well for these incoming students as they are entering a completely new, challenging, and exciting chapter of their lives all at once. So needless to say this is a very big and special occasion and should be treated as such!

Their are two big groups of people at play at any student orientation or welcome weekend and that is the university staff and orientation leaders and then of course all of the incoming students that are new to campus. These two groups of people by the end are all working to achieve a common goal and that is to help build and foster a life long amazing first impression for all incoming students that can kick off their college experience the way it truly should be. It is with that thought that we here at Metropolis Management came up with Three key tips for incoming students and the university staff alike to ensure this goal is met!

  1. Have an Open Mind!

    • You will have heard this so many times in your life prior to reaching this point in your lives, but it doesn’t make it any less true or important. This time it is perhaps even more quintessential than ever before because college is a whole new world for some and the biggest transition of their lives. It introduces them to a brand new sets of beliefs, values, opinions, and people they are previously not associated with and if you don’t go in open minded and willing to learn, adapt, and understand then this transition can become very difficult. However, with an open mind you can meet new people, engage in exciting new conversations, activates, and thought, and truly develop who you are!
  2. Step Outside of your Comfort Zone!

    • This is the tough one for some, but the hardest for others being able and willing to step outside of your comfort zone! Go beyond your bubble and discover the new and wonderful people that surround you! If you are then a leader also step outside of the role you are in and help be an personal friend to those that are struggling with this. It is no secret that some people are more social than others and better at high interaction social settings. It is the whole introvert vs. extrovert discussion. Nonetheless, it is vital for success that students and staff alike can take that courageous step outside of their comfort zone and become active in the time that jump starts their collegiate experience.
  3. Be Supportive, Uplifting, and Positive!

    • The last key tip we want to offer is another obvious, but important one. Make sure that the morale and speech set is aimed to be supportive, uplifting, and positive! The best way to create an impact and ensure the other two tips is rooted in positivity in thought, speech, and action. As the leaders of orientation you must set this tone and as the students involved it is so important that you follow suite so that you can become trusted and involved in the community you just transitioned into. Being supportive, uplifting, and positive is going to be the best way to meet new people, allow for yourself and others to step outside of your comfort zone, and do all of which with an open mind. It is the base that holds the success ladder of orientation and welcome weekend up and should be considered as such!
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