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Virtual Learning

If we have learned anything from this COVID-19 pandemic, it is that the ability to adapt to change is a core skill everybody needs for communication, business, and life. FOLD offers virtual training to help maximize effective communication, adapt to change quickly, and thrive in uncertainty (not to mention increase focus and presence on Zoom).
FOLD disruption is an unexpected kinesthetic experience. From the start, we set participants at ease, ensuring everyone is comfortable and willing to fully engage. Once trust is established, our facilitators lead the way with activities built on core competencies, introducing increasingly challenging exercises and scenarios following our Inception-Practice-Mastery model. By understanding the tactical skills, and then linking them to real-world application, participants take ownership of their potential.

FOLD offers Virtual Training using our established IPM approach to help maximize effective communication, adapt to change quickly, and thrive in uncertainty.

IPM Model

  • Inception

    This is the beginning of improvisational brain training. The Inception exercises force the brain to form new neural pathways by viewing and solving problems in an entirely different way. Participants are pushed outside of their habits and forced to create new experiences.
  • Practice

    Once you understand the basics, you’ve got to develop your skills. Through repetition and variations on the theme, participants develop their mental muscles and build them up. With Practice we turn those trailblazing neural pathways into accessible, useable tools.
  • Mastery

    Now that participants have grasped the concepts and have their new skills at their fingertips, they must put them into action. To deepen the experience, skilled facilitators lead focused debriefs after each element of the program. At our higher tiers, custom experiences pit participants against real-world challenges. By drawing connections and reinforcing understanding, participants are committed to using what they’ve learned outside the workshop. When neural pathways are re-written, true Mastery is achieved.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Adapt to New Workflows/Changing Environment
    find ways forward through any external situation
  • Make Abstract Connections
    find the meaningful links between seemingly disparate ideas
  • Commit to Decisions
    make mission critical decisions no matter the obstacles
  • Experiential Kinesthetic Training
    step beyond the theoretical and into action, get on your feet and learn by doing
  • Disruptive Innovation
    break free of deeply ingrained habits
  • Revel in the Unknown
    feel comfortable and confident in the face of universal stress




Showcases for APCA and NACA

Performances for...
Northern Arizona University

Adelphi University

Albright University

Davis & Elkins College

West Virginia Wesleyan University

Stony Brook University

Gannon University

Albright University

Emory & Henry University

Johnson & Wales University

SUNY Albany

University of Maine at Augusta

St. Thomas Aquinas College

Hofstra University

Rowan University

Lawrence University

Colby Sawyer College

Iona College

Carroll Community College (MD)

Jersey City University

St. Francis University (PA)

Alvernia College

Hartwick College

Columbia University

New York University

Kellogg School of Management