Heather Rogers- Mingling Psychic Entertainer and Stage Show Mentalist

Heather Rogers- Mingling Psychic Entertainer and Stage Show Mentalist

Dazzling Magic, Motivation and Mischief


From wowing attendees at Barak Obama’s Inaugural Ball in DC to dazzling Apple leaders in Silicon Valley; trained clairvoyant Heather Rogers delivers fun interactive mingling psychic entertainment and a mentalist show for the stage.

All events are tailored to fit your group and individual needs. A psychic adventure with Heather includes offerings such as Intuitive Readings, Tarot Card Readings, Crystal Ball Answers, Energy Activations, and Accelerations. Attire can be customized to your theme as a “Fortune Teller”, “Victorian Spiritualist” or even a contemporary cyber-themed “Mind Hacker”.

You can pick from a live in-person event, a virtual program or even a hybrid show.

Not only can you count on Heather Rogers to make skeptics into believers, but you can also be reassured that she operates from a place of integrity. She couples her training and expertise to empower others to be the best possible version of themselves and to live in their sphere of genius. So If you haven’t yet met Heather, booking her for your next event is the perfect way to meet this magically terrific entertainer.

“Heather Rogers is the Bay Area’s top female corporate and society entertainer. She is sassy, sophisticated and deeply magical.” – Tao Starbow, Salesforce.

“Heather IS the real magic.” – Joan Baez, Iconic Singer & Activist.

“ConsulateEntertainer” – Rita Moreno, Oscar, and Grammy-Winning Entertainer.