Heather Rogers – Transformational Magic and Mentalism

Heather Rogers – Transformational Magic and Mentalism

Dazzling Magic, Motivation and Mischief

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Dazzling Magic, Motivation and Mischief

Heather Rogers the world’s only Female Comedy Magician who tailors a show especially to your group as “North America’s most notorious Cyber Hacker”. Her hilarious, interactive show, “Cyber Secrets Revealed”, is a cutting edge, high tech Comedy Magic / Mind Reading Show that will surprise, astonish and also educate audiences in cybersecurity awareness. As part of the customization, she ’studies up’ on unsuspecting key participants and blows their mind with her ‘hacking skills’, while keeping everyone laughing. Heather delivers a Virtual and Live magical program.
Heather has performed over 4000 shows at venues ranging from Barack Obama’s Inaugural Ball in Washington DC to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. She has delivered custom shows for Google, Intuit, #Slack, Uber, Oracle, Comcast, HP as well as for Rita Moreno, Joan Baez and Hillary Clinton. She has performed at several magic and mentalist conventions in Las Vegas including Magic Live, MindVention and Magic & Meaning.
There’s more! Heather is also a physical comedian who injects musical acts and circus acts into this full non-stop variety show.

“Every breath is an opportunity to embody your Real Magic.” – Heather Rogers

Using magic, humor, customization and Epigenetics research, Heather creates ecstatic experiences that expand creativity, and transforms communities. She assists professionals in creating ‘fiercely focused thinking habits’ to disrupt outmoded practices and help them hit their performance marks while becoming the best possible version of themselves. All programs are designed to help people cultivate the physiology, and mindset of “limitless possibility’“

Certified Epigenetics Wellness Coach





1st Place Winner in the 2019 Oakland Magic Circle Stage Magic Competition, Performances for Google, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and more! TEDx Speaker