Megan Stubbs

Megan Stubbs

Dr. Megan Stubbs is a Sexual Wellness and Relationships Expert.

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Holding degrees in Human Sexuality and Biology, Dr. Megan Stubbs is an energetic multi-media savvy Sexologist. She has been building a brand that has sexual wellness, education, and pleasure at the forefront. With her respective degrees, she is able to combine two of her favorite things, science and sex, into a cohesive platform to impact her audience. She offers presentations on a wide variety of topics ranging from positive body image to sexual assault prevention. She is mindful of inclusion and brings a sensitivity to ethnic diversity rooted in her own complex heritage. Her programming is designed to entertain and educate with actionable steps and information the participants can use as soon as they leave. Her advice is frequently quoted in national media outlets, she writes for many online and print publications, appears on television, speaks on radio, and presents at public and private events. Programs Include: Sex In The Dark (Award Winning Programming) Sex With The Lights On – Dating/Sex/Consent The F Word – Understanding Fat and Body Image/The Freshman 15 Self Care 101 Sex Toy 101




Staff writer for Women’s Lifestyle Magazine
Featured in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Mens Journal and more!
Ed Session Presenter – NACA
Showcasing Artist (Alternate) – NACA
Showcasing Artist – APCA
High-light Presentations – NODAC