Pursue Thanks, Live Blessed

Metropolis Management

It is that time of the year where we all need to remember to stop and take a moment to say thank you to all of those in our life. To thank those who have provided blessings, memories, joys, laughs, and all the different moments of happiness we shared with others. However, this time of the year should not be the only time that we give thanks for all these different moments.

Certainly some of you have noticed this week that our social media placed an emphasis on our agency giving thanks to all of our performers, artists, and entertainers. This week has certainly been one of remembrance to all the memories and blessing our artists shared with us over the past year. We are so proud to represent all these wonderful people and want them and those reading this to know that we’re not only thankful for you during this time of the year.


It is obvious to us and I am sure all of the rest of you that everyone feels a little extra drive to be thankful during this time of the year. Can you only imagine what it would be like if that emphasis was carried out throughout the entirety of a calendar. Imagine how many more smiles, blessings, and memories we would cherish for much much longer than just this week.

It is this realization that we are challenging ourselves, as well as the rest of you, to pursue giving thanks with the extra drive this week gives all of us throughout the entire next year! We would like to start our pursuit with a promise to our artists that you all are NOT only cherished during this this week of the year, and that we are not only thankful for all that you have provided us with over the recent year during this time. We are always cherishing your talents, always feeling thankful for the memories you provide us with, and we will always try to show you this more in the next year!

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