Rebook, Repeat, and Relive

Have you ever had one of our artists on your campus? When was the last time you had us on your campus and how was that event? Personally we would love to hear the answers to the questions, but the truth is we remember them because we keep track! The reason we keep track is because just as much as your audience enjoyed seeing them, we enjoyed them being there and we want to help bring them back!

Repeat events that had a great turnout from the past year are the easiest to run back and generate an even bigger response and we believe our artists are up to this challenge. Over the years we have received so many pictures of our artists on stage and the awe of the crowd in reaction. Those are moments we want to create again for your campus, our artists, and yourself alike!

The easiest way to do this is Rebook in order to Repeat those events and Relive those memories! The Rebook process becomes so much similar with us than other agencies as well. The reason is we keep accurate track of where our artists have been from years back, where they are now, and where they are going. This helps us perform meaningful outreach to any of you that fall into those categories for our artists. In order to know the crowds that love our artists and have an easy process to get them back on your stage!

Sailesh and David Coleman have our highest Rebook rates and it’s amazing to be with them when they reconnect with your campus and the people they met in the years leading up! An elephant never forgets and we like to think our agency never does as well! We remember you and we want to continue this remembrance by creating a lasting relationship between our two organization. In order to leave those lasting memories of the students on your campus give us a call and let’s talk about sending our artist back to you!

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