Recruitment Efforts with Metropolis Management

Hey there you! Are your numbers lacking within your organizations or at your events?  Do you feel that there is a lack of interest in what you are doing, what your organization is doing, or just a general disinterest all around campus? Well if you are looking to sky rocket these lacking aspects then look no further because we are here to help!

A way to spike all of these is through diversifying your events through professional performers. Our research shows that the highest attended student events include professional entertainment events and traditions, which often also include a professional entertainment piece. Hosting these events and entertainers just like the ones we are home to make students look at your organization in a new light. 

These performers also want to give back to those who have given them these opportunities, but you need someone you can trust and that is where we come in. We put a guarantee to our performers names that they will act within the parameters you set and handle discussions with your students in a professional manner. And believe us when we say our performers are also natural born sales people, after all they have to sell themselves on stage every night to their audience.

While we trust all of our performers to help provide an amazing experience for you and your students we do have some season vets we can recommend. From the talents of Sailesh, Nash Fungs, David Coleman, and Backtrack we have testimonials from schools that know the benefit of having them perform. They not only drop the jaws of their audiences, but are always sticking around after to talk with students and this has shown a spiked interest in the organization who hosted them. 

So if you are looking to spike those numbers and cultivate a new way forward then look no further than you favorite college entertainment agency! So pick up the phone and put either our jaw dropping hypnotist, mind bending magician, heart lifting speaker, or crowd rockin a capella group on your campus tonight. Or you know really make a change and bring them all! 😉

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