Recruitment Efforts with Metropolis

How are your admission numbers looking for next fall? Are the number of committed students looking lower and lower each and every year? Do you need help boosting those numbers up? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions we are here to help!

Okay now we know that sounded like an “Attorney at Law” infomercial, but the sentiment is true. We are here to help you! We want more students at your campus, we want more students to live the college experience and enjoy the best years of their lives. Now matter what school we want to help all of you! So here is how we are here to help.

In our research we have noticed a new trend in a few of you schools booking some of our high profile artists to come and perform during your admissions events. At first we were puzzled why, but after hearing some feedback and doing some research we understand. When hosting admission events it is important to create a real student experience for them, but more importantly the best student experience. Well what better way to do that than to host an artist of ours that students rave about from their first day on campus to their last.

We recently talked to a college graduate that saw Sailesh the day she walked on to campus, and now in a senior memory of hers she wrote, “As crazy as it sounds one of the best memories I have had on campus was the hypnotist (Sailesh) when I first arrived on to campus. It was the start to a great college experience for me and a lot of other students in my class.”

When recruiting perspective students you want them to feel connected to the school, and what better way to do that than to let us help you create a memory your current students never forget! Between Sailesh’s hypnotist show, David Coleman’s Keynotes, and Nash Fung’s Magic, we know that we have the talent, artistry, and charm to help raise those admission numbers through the roof. So give us a call and lets make it happen!

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