Redefining Self Care Pandemic Style

Do we really know what self care is?  Are we being honest with ourselves and treating our bodies right?  Since the definition of self care is not one-size-fits-all, it can mean just about anything to anyone at any given time.  With such an open interpretation it is not hard to see how the term can be abused and even justify unhealthy/destructive behaviors.

The past year has shed light on the importance of self care and self love.  Being under stay at home orders, restricted events/activities, gyms, bars, malls all shut down and most of us not leaving the house unless to pick up groceries has taken a toll on each and every person whether they like to admit it or not.  It has affected us all in individual ways.  Before you say “NOT ME!” Let’s take a look at some “self care” habits that are really important but may be overlooked because they are usually just part of your normal routine.  

   – Having a drink with a friend after work to decompress from a long day.

   – Treating yourself to a spa day, getting your hair or nails done, or a massage to spoil yourself as a monthly treat.

   –  Working out a few times a week to get your exercise in and burn some calories.

There could be so many other self care acts that are important to you and make you feel good, refresh your spirits and bring you joy.  Did you notice a change in your mood when you were not able to do all these self care acts at your leisure last year?  Was being on lockdown with little to no outside interaction a little depressing?  Did the events of what happened in the world shed some light on the importance of self care?

Some danger zones resulting in the latest pandemic that put the world on lockdown include excessive eating and weight gain, sour moods and depression, feelings of hate and anger, higher stress levels and so many more.  Because of what has happened and the path of self destruction this pandemic may have put us on,  we need to change our way of thinking and take charge on making self care a priority right now!  Luckily, there are many ways to repair and build a healthy self relationship. Try out a few self empowerment & help books, attending a self hypnosis workshop or a lecture on self love/body image to get you started.  Working in a group setting is extremely helpful since it connects you with others who are facing similar issues. Think of what positive advice you would give to a struggling friend or what kind words you could share with them; then face a mirror and apply those same caring ideas to yourself.

The bottom line here is that true self care is LOVING and CARING for yourself.

Whatever that might look like to you, just be sure that it enhances your wellbeing and promotes positive growth.

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