Redefining Self Care

A look at body image, bad habits and true self care. 

The self care misconception

Oh, Self Care…how we love you! But do we really know what self care is?

Since the definition of self care is not one-size-fits-all, it can mean just about anything to anyone at any given time. With such an open interpretation its not hard to see how the term can be abused and even justify unhealthy/destructive behaviors.

Wait, what?

YES, its true. Before you say “Not ME!” let’s take a look at some “self care” habits that are really more harmful than good. Making that personal purchase splurge that puts a strain on other financial obligations, Watching the entire season of your fave Netflix series even though you have a mountain of stuff to do, Having that extra drink or two or three (or more) -hangover and work the next day be damned.

While this all seems pretty obvious, what about things that are good for you? There’s a gray area that can quickly turn from self care to self harm if not checked. We know things like going to the gym, saving money, and pursuing educational/work goals are great; but excessive exercise, extreme dieting, obsessing over body image, shutting out friends or loved ones and neglecting relationships to meet our goals crosses over into unhealthy territory.

So how do we know when we’ve crossed the line?

Well, self care is supposed to make us feel good. Its a tool to refresh our spirits and bring joy.

If you find yourself feeling more empty or have created more stress by treating yourself, chances are you are no longer practicing a healthy brand of “care”.   

We wouldn’t let a friend continually make PLDs (Poor Life Decisions) or watch silently as they form a collection of detrimental habits in the name of self care. Why the hell should we allow this for ourselves? We need to be our own ally and best friend first and foremost

This can take a little work, especially if you’ve wandered down the path of self destruction for a bit. Luckily, there are many ways to repair and build a healthy self relationship. Try out a few self empowerment & help books, attending a self hypnosis workshop or a lecture on self love/body image to get you started.  Working in a group setting is extremely helpful since it connects you with others who are facing similar issues. Think of what positive advice you would give to a struggling friend or what kind words you could share with them; then face a mirror and apply those same caring ideas to yourself.

The bottom line here is that true self care is LOVING and CARING for yourself.

Whatever that might look like to you, just be sure that it enhances your wellbeing and promotes positive growth.

Metropolis Management has great options to cultivate healthy self care habits! From stress reduction, personal growth/success to relationships and body image – we’ve got you covered!  

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