Reducing the Sophomore Slump

It’s seen all across college campuses and abroad that during the second year of a students college experience they at some point feel forgotten or undervalued. So much time, attention, and overall effort are being placed towards the first years coming in that those second years students just were. Many second year students envy that rush first year students get when they first come on campus and wish they could feel that same way again. We have talked a lot on our blog about creative and innovative events that can excite the entire campus and create that energy for all, however we haven’t pinpointed second year or sophomore students directly.

First years have the rush of a new experience, Seniors get the rush and attention of their last year which includes week long graduation celebrations, and even Juniors have that over the hump energy anxious to get to their senior year. But what can be done to make the sophomores feel included! Well long renowned motivational speaker and love doctor David Coleman has a a great guide to twelve conversations that can energize create that instill a new energy into your Second year students.

Follow the link below to learn how you can adapt and create positive energy for your second year students with creative conversations that can individualize the change we are trying to cultivate!


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