Sam Lee-redefining music tastes since the day he was born

His covers are amazing and his originals are PHENOMENAL! Listen to him once and have a #musicalepiphany. His music will take you to back to an era where the music was good and the clothes were even cooler. RUN..don’t WALK and hop on over to youtube and listen to every video he’s uploaded . You will want this guy front and center at your next university event!!

want the definition of a musical epiphany…well here it is!

Urban Dictionary:
Having a musical epiphany is when you hear a song or band that completely alters or redefines your current music tastes. It will make you rethink nearly every musical decision you’ve ever made up to this point.

EX: Last night Jon and I went to a Get Back Loretta concert, and when the guitarist starting playing, I had a musical epiphany.

EX: I had a musical epiphany when an old Beastie Boys song came on the radio that I never heard before – changed my life.

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