Successful Relationships and Beyond

Successful Relationships and Beyond

David Coleman, The Dating Doctor has been honored 14 times as The National Speaker of the Year— 11 times by Campus Activities Magazine and 3 times by The National Association for Campus Activities. He is the only speaker ever to win the National Entertainer of the Year Award. The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in one of the most talented and versatile speakers in America. David’s programs relate to everyone, and while he is entertaining, his endearing messages are important, timely and easy to understand—no matter what your experience level or current relationship status. “I loved how how inclusive David was. It was a breath of fresh air to attend a program with such care and kindness taken towards non-heterosexual relationships. I would attend this again without hesitation. Every student should!” -E.A. Kettering University, MI

Making Relationships Matter!


Reporting “on-line” to be “in a relationship” is far from actually being in one as the speed of dating and relating accelerates daily. Add in the responsibilities of being a student leader and it gets even harder. Apps and sites like Tinder, Bumble, OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish have forever changed dating’s landscape. One post, one text or one picture can alter multiple lives in a moment at a time when colleges are promoting inclusivity, fluidity, a culture of consent, and mature decision making. In a humorous, yet challenging way, David Coleman, The Dating Doctor, will help you navigate dating’s treacherous waters as he addresses: mutual consent, safe words, the three D’s of Bystander Intervention, The ABC’s of Initial Interest, the characteristics of healthy relationships, Red Flags that a person or situation should be avoided, surviving a difficult breakup, common mistakes made during on-line dating, long-distance relationships, military relationships and more. David’s expertise and energy makes this more than just a program…it’s a life-changing event!


An Unplugged Session With The Dating Doctor!

Everything YOU want to know!

This exciting session is unique in that the audience decides the content to be covered, not the presenter.

Prior to the presentation, any interested audience member may submit their question or content area desired. From the requests submitted, relationship expert David Coleman, will prepare to cover as many topics as possible within the time provided. Those who attend may submit their ideas once they arrive, if they have not done so prior. All topics within the genres of dating, relationships, romance and sex are fair game as long as they are submitted with the utmost respect and inclusivity in mind. There is no session quite like it and no topic is off limits. This program has been enthusiastically received at conferences and schools nationwide as the learning that takes place is exactly what was desired.


Military Relationships Are Special!

For active or veteran service members and their significant others

After the text messages, IM’s, email, pokes, winks, SKYPE, i-chats and videos have ended…a couple will ultimately have to meet face-to-face if they want things to progress further. Then, they must rely upon the interpersonal skills they have (or have not) developed and rely on the experience (or lack thereof) they have from previous relationships. Reporting “on-line” to be “in a relationship” is a far cry from actually being involved in one. Interacting in person with a potential love interest is becoming increasingly harder for people as much of their initial contact is electronic-based and buffered. David Coleman will cover: Why Service Members have a major advantage over civilians in the dating game, how to get your relationship in order prior to deployment, handling relationships downrange both in the combat arena and back home, assimilating into your relationships upon reintegration, and more. Military relationships have a high rate of infidelity, divorce and abuse. David Coleman’s primary mission is to turn those statistics around for all involved.

Hooray! Building a Caring and Inclusive Campus Community!

Team Building with a special emphasis on connecting and building relationships.

Take 5, 50, 500, or 5,000 people . . . Put them in a space together for 1 to 2 hours…

Add music, hula hoops, as well as their energy and imagination, then… Watch in amazement as the entire group is transformed from INDIVIDUAL classmates into a caring COMMUNITY! Hooray! takes the elements of TEAMBUILDING and combines it with the ENTHUSIASM and ENERGY of the participants to create a highly enjoyable experience, which helps create a community out of strangers. What is one of the top factors that indicates whether a new student will come back for their sophomore year? Whether or not they form several meaningful relationships. Get the jump on helping them start this process with Hooray! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, New Student Orientation, Conferences, Welcome Week Greek Week and any event you want to get people together to form meaningful and lasting relationships!

Relationship Resiliency: Surviving Tough Times and Tough People

Finding peace, direction and healing following unhealthy times with toxic people.

Bullying. Harassment. Stalking. Abuse. Humiliation. Criticism. Racism. Exclusivity.

It is hard to believe, in this day and age, that many people are still facing personal onslaughts of this magnitude. Some people fight the battle publicly, while others face their struggles alone. No matter the path taken, the stress can be overwhelming and chip away at our self-esteem and self-confidence. This session will address how to navigate and learn from tough times (that feel as if they may never end) and how to interact with difficult people (who may be oblivious or in denial that they are). Resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from our difficulties and misfortunes through our toughness. This session will help the participants form a plan of action to weather the toughest of times and thrive following interactions with individuals who may bring out our best…and worst. “I just saw you earlier today at Purdue. I thought your presentation was amazing. It covered so many of the topics we all wonder about, but have no adult willing to give us real experienced advice on. You presented everything in such a tangible manner that it made me feel so empowered. Thank you so very much!” -C. Madden, Purdue David’s Life Changing, Relationship Building programs are now available for booking! Click below for more information about David, additional programs, and booking inquiries or Email

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