Thank You APCA!

Our Metropolis Management-Coleman Speaks team had a great time in Houston for APCA Nationals earlier this month!

Booth APCA Nationals

Our TEN showcasing artists and FIVE educational session presenters brought a ton of entertainment and insight to the conference. We look forward to bringing these talented individuals to YOUR CAMPUS!   12828507_10154008402063094_1704636091610847780_o (1) Pictured here are David Coleman and Kelsey Tainsh, who both presented Educational Sessions that were well attended. Kelsey even received a standing ovation!       12814787_10153938152868917_4291065157392096709_nSeattle-based hip-hop/rock band Lions Ambition had an awesome mainstage showcase and thoroughly had a blast at the conference!    

Sailesh at booth Here, Sailesh is giving out some information at our Metropolis booth!

    If you attended APCA Nationals we hope you had a great time as well! We look forward to bringing these amazing artists to your campus and to next year’s National Convention!  
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